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My NAVS Experience

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

In April of 2022, I had the opportunity to work as a volunteer with Native American Veterinary Services ("NAVS") at the Zuni Pueblo in New Mexico. While at the Pueblo, I assisted in inoculating and deworming over 500 sheep and 8 horses. I also assisted in the castration of 4 horses as seen in the follow pictures. NAVS provides free, quality veterinary care (spaying, neutering, deworming, and vaccinating large and small animals) to the indigenous people of several Native American communities.

I worked with a fantastic group of veterinarians and volunteers from different parts of the country. I specifically worked with Dr. Jim McClearen, Terry Stone, Dr. Michael Zager, and Dr. Christina Kehas. We all came together with the single purpose in mind of delivering excellent veterinary health care to underserved communities. I am grateful for having had the opportunity to be part of such a professional and dedicated team of doctors.

As part of a veterinary career focusing on the integration of technology and veterinary medicine, I want to make animal prosthetics available for widespread use—not just by the companies and individuals who can afford to pay for advanced technology, but also by animal owners who are members of marginalized communities, such as the indigenous people of North America, with whom I worked as a Native American Veterinary Services (NAVS) volunteer, and subsistence farmers of Albania, my country of birth.

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