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Rhinebeck Equine Hospital

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

During July 2023, I had the opportunity to extern at the Rhinebeck Equine veterinary clinic and hospital in Rhinebeck, New York. While there, I was able to observe the arthroscopic removal of a bone chip from a yearling's leg. The surgery was performed by Dr. Gus Abuja. Under the supervision of Dr. Jesse Tyma, I assisted in the cystoscopy of a gelding that had an abnormal lump/growth located in the area of castration. I also observed the assisted retraction of a stallion's penis due to paraphimosis caused by a breeding accident. Another male was brought in with the same problem, although it was caused by different circumstances. Every morning, I helped gather general health data from some of the horses, and provide medication, under the supervision of an intern, vet tech, or veterinarian. I also logged information into their medical computer system. I appreciate the camaraderie shown to me by the veterinary students, full-time veterinarians and vet techs of Rhinebeck Equine.

Working in the hospital and on call throughout the Hudson Valley, I was thrust into the daily routine of a practicing veterinarian. I learned what it would be like to treat sick and injured animals as a career—the practical difference between being an animal lover and an animal doctor. I assisted during surgeries, including one in which a colt had been kicked in the face and brought to the hospital. The right side of his face appeared to have collapsed. I realized immediately that the animal would never regain vision in its right eye. These experiences helped me realize that I could treat even critical injuries.

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